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SafeFit™ Ride

Safe cycling starts with buying the right bike.
Once BBF knows your body height, reach and flexibility – and we understand how you intend to use your bike – BBF can help find the safest bike for you.
Here at BBF, we use 5 key Safefit™ Ride steps:

  1. Measure Up

There are two important measurements when fitting a bike: height and inside leg measurement. We take these for you in-store to find the frame size which will give you the most comfort.

  2. Usage Analysis

We’ll ask you why you’re looking for a new bike, what you want from it, and where you’ll ride it. This helps us understand your exact needs to find the perfect bike for you.

  3. Expert Recommendation

Our bike experts will use their knowledge to find a selection of bikes you’ll love. Then it’s up to you to pick your favourite.

  4. Safety Check

BBF mechanics will give your bike a comprehensive safety check to make sure it’s in perfect condition. They’ll explain how you can use your 12-months free silver servicing so you can be back on two wheels ASAP if you have any issues with your bike.

  5. Ride Away

We’ll give you the rundown on how to operate your new bike and answer any last questions you may have so you can ride (or drive) away with a smile!
Following this important process when buying your new bike will ensure you buy the right bike for you.
This is the first step to cycling safely.


Cycling Safety

While Safefit™ Ride is the best way for you to start your cycling journey with safety in mind, there are many other things you need to consider to keep yourself safe on two wheels. 
Check out these important areas of cycling safety.


Owning a quality helmet is one thing but knowing how to fit it correctly is just as important.
Check out this video from the team at GCN about correctly fitting your helmet to your head.
NB: Helmet manufacturers generally recommend replacing your helmet every 3 years to maintain maximum safety.
Why not let our experts here at BBF correctly fit your new helmet?


It goes without saying that braking is a crucial part of cycling safely. Understanding how your brakes work and how to use them in different scenarios is very important.
This video from GCN walks through some key tips on how to brake safely.
N.B: We strongly recommend practising emergency braking drills on your new bike.
Start at low speed. Using both brakes, gently squeeze the brake levers until you stop. Increase your speed as you gain confidence. The front brake will feel stronger. 
Remember, gently squeeze both your brake levers together. Never grab the brake levers suddenly.
Why not let our experts here at BBF show you how to brake safely?

Pre-Ride Check

Safety is our main priority here at BBF.
Every new bike is comprehensively safety checked before leaving the store.
Every time you take your bike out, you should also run through a pre-ride safety check.
Here is a video of what to look over before you take your bike out.


Bike lights are not just for night-time.
Every time you ride, you should use lights to give you the best chance of being seen by everyone around you.
When using flashing daytime lights, you are 240% more noticeable to drivers than a rider without lights. In these times where drivers are more distracted than ever, that difference is impossible to ignore.
Check out these daytime running lights we have available here at BBF.
N.B: Our high-visibility LED daytime running lights work both night and day. Most are USB re-chargeable and simply clip off the bike when they are due to be charged.

Gear Shifting

Here’s a video from GMBN with everything you need to know about changing gears properly on your mountain bike.

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