Frequently Asked Questions

At Brookvale Bike Factory, we want to make sure you feel welcome and have all the information you need. Below are some of our most commonly asked questions. Please feel free to call us on 9907 3500 if the following FAQs don’t answer all your questions.

BBF Opening Hours:

9am – 6pm Monday to Friday

9am – 4pm on Saturdays

CLOSED on Sundays

We are closed on ALL public holidays and Easter long weekend.

BBF has ample off-street parking in our basement carpark. Enter down the driveway on the right-hand side of the store.

If you have preordered a bike with us, we will let you know as soon as it arrives and is ready for pickup. This can take anywhere from a few days, to over a month.

Once your bike arrives, you can use our VIP Express Pickup to collect your bike quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, bike supply is out of our control and ETAs can vary without notice but please
email for an update of your bike’s ETA.

Here at BBF, we sell all types of bikes and accessories, from trusted brands like Trek, Electra, and Bontrager.

We stock mountain bikes, electric bikes, kids bikes, hybrid/city bikes, road bikes, and all the accessories you’ll need.

Yes, we service all quality branded bikes here at BBF.

If you’re unsure about your particular bike, please call our service hotline on 9907 3500 or email and we can let you know.

Yes. BBF sells most of the bike parts you’re looking for.

For a special part order, please email us at with a part number or photo of the part to avoid any confusion. 

We may require a deposit on special orders. Shipping fees may also be applicable. And please note, some items are non-returnable.

We’re lucky enough to have a large basement carpark, which is the perfect spot to take your new bike for a spin to make sure you’re 100% happy with it before purchasing.

Remember that every new bike from BBF comes with UNLIMITED free silver servicing for the first 12-months.

We recommend new bike owners come in for a service in the first 6-12 weeks. This is
important to ensure the bike is running safely and is perfectly set up for you.

On going, we strongly recommend servicing your bike at least every 6 months, as this:

Click here for a video on why regular servicing is so important.

Our many great servicing options can be found here.

Also, we recommend you always do a pre-ride safely check – click here for a video on how
to do this simple but important task.

To book a service, call our VIP Service Hotline on 9907 3500This is the quickest and easiest way to book a service with us.

Alternatively, email

Our many great servicing options can be found here.

All bikes fit differently (even if they’re the same wheel size). So be sure to come in-store to get fitted by an expert, free of charge.

Our VIP Express Pickup makes collecting your bike easier than ever.

If you have preordered a new bike, we will TEXT you once your bike is fully assembled and ready to collect.

Once you have received the text, please CALL US when convenient on 9907 3500 so you can:

  • Finalise any remaining balance owing, and
  • Let us know if you would like any accessories fitted on your bike before you pick it up

When you have completed the above steps, you can use our VIP EXPRESS PICKUP.

Please remember to have your paid-in-full receipt with you when you come and collect your bike.  We would have emailed this to you so a printed or an electronic version on your phone is fine. 

And if you would like a CONTACTLESS pickup, we can even bring your bike out to you in the car park, just give us a call when you arrive.

Here at BBF we have a range of smart stationary bike trainers such as The Wahoo KICKR V5 Direct-Drive Smart Trainer and Wahoo KICKR CORE Direct-Drive Smart Trainer.

These are compatible with amazing new virtual programs such as Zwift and FulGaz, to help you stay active no matter the conditions.

Given the strong demand for these trainers, please give us a call on 9907 3500  to make sure we have the one you’re after in stock.

We can happily help you register your bike in store. Alternatively, you can visit the bike manufacturer’s website and register online.

We strongly recommend registering your new bike. Your bike will have a serial number clearly marked, usually on the underside of the frame. We suggest keeping a copy of your serial number for your record.

You should check your tyre pressure before every ride and pumping up your tyres is a simple cycling skill that everyone needs to know.

Check out this video for an explanation of how to pump up tyres.

Every cyclist will experience a punctured tyre at one point. Knowing how to change a tyre will get you back on your bike ASAP.

Watch this video to learn more.

Cleaning your bike regularly is an easy way to keep it running smoothly and prolong its life.
Click here to learn how to thoroughly wash and lube your bike, to prevent problems with gear shifting, braking, and more.

Bedding-in disc brakes is a simple thing that all new bike owners should do to look after their brakes. This helps prevent brakes from squealing.

Check out this video for an in-depth explanation of how to bed-in your disc brakes.

Properly understanding what gears you have available and how to switch between them can help you tackle the big hills with ease.

Watch this video to learn how to correctly shift gears on your bike.

Having Trouble Getting Through?

If you’re having trouble getting through, please email and we will get back to you ASAP.
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