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Trek’s city & recreation e-bikes bring fun to your daily grind. They’re perfect for daily commutes, cruises around the neighborhood and riding just for the fun of it. These e-bikes are sporty, comfortable and built with dependable drive systems and long-lasting batteries that can be charged at any household outlet. Many models come fully equipped with accessories like racks, mudguards and more, and every Trek e-bike is easy to customise with the gear you need for your specific riding style.

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Trek Verve+2 Lowstep
Pictured: Trek Verve+ 2 Lowstep
The Trek Verve+ is designed for comfort. It features a step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting, and a Bosch motor system capable of assisting with speeds of up to 25km/h. Plus, this e-bike comes fully stocked with integrated lights so you can cruise through the night.
Picture yourself riding on our beach paths, with the wind in your hair, on a new electric bike like this one. And with the smooth electric boost this bike provides, you’ll be effortlessly gliding around the Northern Beaches in no time.
Range starts from $4,199.99
The Allant+ pushes the boundaries of possibility on every ride, from fast, traffic-free commutes to long cruises. Its hill-flattening boost, distance-shrinking range and thoughtful features make it easy and fun to ride further, and you can do more by bike instead of taking the car.
The Allant+ is built for riders and commuters who want a stylish, durable e-bike with the added road-smoothing benefits of a suspension fork. A powerful Bosch drive system, quality parts, and a wealth of thoughtful design details make this electric bike a smart solution for getting around town every day.
Range starts from $5,699.99
The Trek Powerfly is an adventure-ready electric mountain bike with a sleek Bosch drive system that amplifies your pedal power. It helps you ride farther and faster, scramble up tricky climbs and find more fun on every trail ride. Each model is built with a durable parts group, reliable electronics and trail-ready suspension that’s perfect for single-track and off-road exploring.
Powerfly doubles your power, speed and endurance so there’s always time and energy for another lap.
Range starts from $5,699.99
Trek Fuel EXe 9.7 eBike
Pictured: Trek Fuel EXe 9.7
The Fuel EXe is here to redefine mountain biking forever with a ride that quietly assists you when you want it and disappears under you when you don’t.
It’s an e-bike that empowers you to do more without interrupting the way you experience nature. It offers just the right amount of subtle support on the climbs, and a nimble and capable traditional trail bike feel on descents.
Range starts from $9,499.99
Citron Step-Thru
Pictured: Townie Go! 7D Step-Thru
The Townie Go! 7D is the e-bike for everyone. It combines comfort and control with the power and fun of an e-bike. Featuring a fully integrated battery with 3 levels of support, 26″ tyres and Electra’s patented Flat Foot Technology®. Go faster, further and funner for less than you thought possible.
Range starts from $2,399.99
Townie Go! 7D SALE: Price reduced to $1,999.99
Trek Rail 9 GX
Pictured: Trek Rail 9 GX
The Trek Rail is an electric mountain bike for riders that are looking for the best-in-class trail riding experience.
Each e-MTB mode delivers power naturally and predictably across the full range of assist, so you’ll never be left hanging or lurching. The e-MTB mode gives you a little bit more punch, while e-MTB Lite takes a step back and lets you do the punching.
With an upgraded fork, drivetrain, and powerful new Bosch drive system, The Rail offers up to 80km or 5 hours of continuous assist in smoother terrain, or around 50km/3 hours on more difficult trails.
Range starts from $7,499.99
The Dual Sport+ is a lightweight and capable hybrid electric bike that’s designed for adventure on the road and light trails. It has an intuitive and natural feeling pedal-assist system that makes exploring your surroundings more fun and cruising up hills a breeze. Plus, stiff wheels and wide tyres give you confidence on varied terrain.
Range starts from $3,399.99
The FX+ is a lightweight city electric bike that’s designed to make everyday excursions faster and more fun. It has an intuitive and natural feeling pedal-assist system that makes exploring your city extra exciting and cruising up hills a breeze. Useful accessories like a rack and mudguards add even more versatility to this bike.
Range starts from $3,499.99
The Fetch+ is a compact electric cargo bike that hauls a lot and is super fun and simple to use. You can easily carry up to 80kg of cargo, thanks to the powerful boost of the Bosch smart system and best-in-class handling and stability. This bike is designed to grow with your family, and offers multiple configuration options to best suit your needs as they shift and change over time.
Range starts from $8,499.99

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