Tips For Travelling With Your Bike

I hope you and your family are well and keeping warm.

Every few years I like to check if any of the bike travel rules have changed because if you’re lucky enough to be escaping the cold these school holidays, I want you to know all the tips.


An important thing when travelling with bikes on the back of your car is to remember, if your licence plate is not FULLY visible, you will need an additional licence plate. The picture below from Bicycle NSW shows what I mean. 

If you need them, the extra plates are available from Services NSW and are worth getting because if you get caught without one, the fine is not nice.

Another tip I’d like to share if you are using a rear bike mount is NOT to use it for your e-bike.  I know a lot of brands say they can carry an e-bike, but given the increased weight, I don’t recommend it.


If you’re planning on jetting off with a bike, you’ll need to have it packed in a bike box or bag.  

While a hard bike case or lighter bike bag offers great, reusable protection for your bike, if you’re on a budget or won’t be traveling often, a big cardboard box will do the trick. 

If you need a cardboard bike box to pack your bike in, pop into the store and we’re sure to have one for you to take.  Just don’t forget to pack your tools so you can put the bike together again at your destination. 


Bikes are allowed for free on any Sydney metro trains, intercity trains, and light rail, as long as they don’t obstruct other passengers.  On regional trains and coaches, bikes must be booked in advance as they are classified as checked luggage. 

If you are travelling to Newcastle, take note; they aren’t too happy about bikes on trains up there so unfortunately, only fold-up bikes are allowed on the Newcastle light rail.


Sadly for us Northern Beaches folk, bikes cannot be taken on-board any buses around here.  But if you’re heading to Canberra, many buses have a bike rack up the front so it is super easy to get around!


Bikes are allowed on Sydney Ferries for free at all times.  Some of the newer ferries have hooks at the back and Manly ferries even have their own special storage areas for bikes.

Hope these travel tips help and if you’re heading away during these school holidays, I wish you all the best.  

Stay safe,


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