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How to Safely Brake on Your Bike

Here at BBF, we are fully committed to keeping you safe on your bike. A safe, well-set-up bike is more fun, is more comfortable, and has better handling.

We’ve got lots of information about safety on our SafeFit™ page.  But to make it easy for you, over the next few weeks, I’d like to share four key areas of cycling safety. This will help you learn the proper cycling precautions to protect you and your family.


It goes without saying that braking is a crucial part of cycling safely. Understanding how your brakes work and how to use them in different scenarios is really important.

I strongly recommend practicing emergency braking drills on your new bike:

1. Start at low speed. 
2. Using both brakes, gently squeeze the brake levers until you stop. 
3. Increase your speed as you gain confidence. Be careful, the front brake will feel stronger than the rear.

Remember, gently squeeze both your brake levers together. Never grab the brake levers suddenly.

For a more visual demonstration, the guys over at Global Cycling Network have done a great job of explaining how to safely brake on your bike. Check out their video below.

If you have any other questions about safety or cycling in general, please email me anytime. 

I hope you find this information valuable, as it may keep you safe in a tricky situation.

Stay safe!


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