Pre Ride Check

Do This Quick Check Before Riding Your Bike

While every bike from BBF is put through our comprehensive safety checks before leaving the store, it’s important you do a quick inspection yourself before every ride as things might move around over time.

This check shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and will go over 5 key areas of your bike:

1. Rear wheel
2. Seatpost/Saddle
3. Crankset
4. Handlebars
5. Front wheel

It’s helpful to look at these areas as an ‘M’, starting at the rear wheel and zig-zagging to the front wheel.

I recommend you watch this video by Trek as they make it really easy to understand and follow this quick process. The video uses a road bike for demonstration, but don’t worry – the basic things to look out for are the same on other bikes too.

For any other questions about cycling, feel free to send me an email any time. 

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