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How to Prepare for Winter Cycling

Andrew from Brookvale Bike Factory here.

If you’re anything like me, freezing temperatures and dark mornings don’t necessarily get you excited for early morning rides. Winter is fast approaching, but with the right preparation, cycling in winter can be every bit as enjoyable as it is in the summertime.

To help you fight the cold this winter, I’ve written a quick list of my top tips for cycling in winter below:

1. Wear Quality Winter Gear
While many people would be quick to throw on a cheap, bulky jacket, you will be much more comfortable with a higher quality, lightweight, thermal kit. Plus, clothing for your extremities such as gloves, under-helmet caps, and thermal socks will stop a lot of your heat from escaping.

Remember that 10 minutes into your ride, you may start to sweat if you’re overdressed. Don’t go too hard on the layers or you might regret it later!

2. Start Your Ride Warm
Warming yourself up before you start riding will help you avoid the initial cold shock and stay comfortable from the get-go. My favourite thing to do on a really cold morning is to have a warm drink and sit by the heater right before my ride.

3. Keep Your Lights On
Lights are very important to safety when riding on dark, winter mornings. Keep them on at all times to ensure you’re seen. Plan ahead and charge your lights the night before you plan to ride. Daytime running lights like the Bontrager 100/Flare R are a must-have in winter conditions.

We stock plenty of suitable light sets like these. Come in store or call on 9907 3500 if you want to learn more.

4. Stay Hydrated and Energised
Make sure to always keep your fluids up and have enough to eat during a ride. The cold of winter is incredibly deceptive and might distract you from the thirst you’d get in summer. 

5. If It’s Too Cold, Try a Trainer
Sometimes it’s just too cold or wet to justify riding outdoors. An indoor trainer can be a great way to keep yourself active and riding when it’s miserable outside.

With fantastic new virtual programs like Zwift and FulGaz, you can explore many locations without leaving the comfort of your own home.

The Wahoo KICKR V5 Direct-Drive Smart Trainer and Wahoo KICKR CORE Direct-Drive Smart Trainer are both great options for this.

Come in-store and check out our full range or simply head to our online store and we’ll deliver right to your door on the Northern Beaches.

I hope these tips help you in the coming months. It’s looking like a cold year!

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