BBF Bike COVID Availability

COVID-19 Product Availability and Estimated Delivery Information

Due to increased demand as a result of COVID-19, some bikes and products may have higher than usual lead times or temporary unavailability.

If there is a particular bike you are after, please come into the shop or email us at

Once you know the availability of the bike you are after, a 10% deposit can lock it in as yours.

Naturally at BBF we will do whatever we can to assist and delight all our customers. However, we are now often experiencing delays of around 21 days (and sometimes even more!) for delivery of stock from our quality suppliers. 

This is due to the increased demand for quality bikes and parts from around the world, combined with extra difficulties with manufacturing (overseas) and logistics (overseas freight into Australia as well as domestic shipping).

Thank you for your understanding during the pandemic. I can assure you my staff and I will do whatever we can to help and accelerate delivery and preparation. As you can imagine, though, there are some things out of our control.

To check availability and avoid disappointment, please email us at your product is unavailable, our staff will be happy to assist in finding alternatives or providing a lead time estimate.

NB: If you have already purchased a bike, there still may be significant variations in estimated time of arrival due to logistics out of our control. 

Unfortunately, because our deliveries are in mixed consignments with moving timings, we are not able to update customers with regular outbound updates.

Emailing us at is the best way to find out about the latest timing of your new bike arrival. 

COVID-19 has thrown the bike industry supply chain into turmoil but here at BBF we are doing everything we can to help source bikes for our customers and get them delivered as soon as possible.

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