BBF Christmas Quiz 2021 ANSWERS

It’s Andrew here, with the answers to the 2021 Christmas cycling quiz!

Have a look at how you went below and reply to this email if you got them all right. I have to congratulate you cycling geniuses out there!


1. What year did Kurt Osburn, the ‘Wheelie King’ set the world record for longest wheelie with a time of 11 hours?

ANSWER: 1999 (C)

2. The Trek Madone Butterfly became the world’s most expensive bike after being ridden by Lance Armstrong in the 2009 Tour de France. How much did it sell for at auction? 

ANSWER: $500,000 USD (A)

3. Why was yellow chosen as the colour of the leader’s jersey in the Tour de France in 1919?

ANSWER: To honour a newspaper sponsor that printed on yellow paper (A)

4. According to research from the University of NSW, by how much do bike helmets reduce the risk of serious head injury?

ANSWER: 69% (B)

5. What year was the first pedelec bike (modern e-bike) first sold under the name ‘Dolphin’?

ANSWER: 1992 (B)

6. How long are the combined trails and jumps at Bare Creek Bike Park in Belrose?

ANSWER: 1600m (C)

7. Which new cycling event was first competed in at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


8.  No French cyclist has won the Tour De France since Bernard Hinault in this year.

ANSWER: 1985 (A)

9. Which suburb is the Manly Dam trail located in?

ANSWER: Manly Vale (B)

10. What is the name of BBF’s free new fitting program?

ANSWER: SafeFit Ride (C)

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