At BBF we want you to love riding your new bike. We want your bike to ride to its full potential, always. Every bike requires mechanical adjustments from time to time so our commitment to help you is:

Lifetime Care Offer
ABOVE: The BBF Lifetime Care Offer keeps your bike riding smoothly between services.

For the LIFE of your new bike, BBF will…

Adjust the gears. …… Value $25

Adjust the brakes. …  Value $25

Rustproof the bike. …Value $25

Free of charge

Please Note! The free tune up service is designed specifically to help keep your bike running in between the manufacturers recommended scheduled servicing. It does not replace periodical servicing that is required to keep your bike safe and reliable. The free tune up service does not include parts or labour to install parts. It does not include repairs to damaged or worn parts.

Important note!

Your owner’s manual has important safety and maintenance information, including recommended safety, service and maintenance protocols. We strongly recommend reading your owner’s manual. BBF can supply you with a copy or go to your bike manufacturer’s website. Our workshop also has recommended service intervals and packages online.

BBF Rustproof service

At BBF we want your new bike to last. BBF sells only the best quality bikes available. BBF bikes set industry benchmarks for best in class materials and manufacturing processes to ensure your bike will give you many years of safe, reliable riding.

BBF can enhance this even further with our free rust proofing process. Your bike will not only outlast our competitor’s product, it will look great also.

Our proprietary rust proofing process has been developed from 25 year’ s experience selling and servicing bikes in Sydney’s severe rust prone environment. We will rustproof your new bike as often as necessary. Free, for life.

Important Note! BBF Rustproofing process is an ongoing free service available only on request. The effectiveness of the process is reliant on you bringing your bike back to our store regularly (approximately every 3-6 months) for inspection and treatment. The process is not a guarantee against rust, however it will significantly inhibit rust and extend the life of your bike.

Happy riding