The Team

Ever wondered who you are dealing with and what they are into? If so, look below or follow BBF on Facebook


Andy Eather

Andy has been working in the industry from way back in 1999. However he has been riding and fixing bikes way back in 1979 when the BMX boom hit Australia
Favorite Ride/Trail: Red Hill

Ryan John Mclennan

Ryan has been working with bikes for 5 years. He comes from a MTB background. Has traveled with his bike all over the world including Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.
Favorite Ride/Trail: Top of the World/Khyber Pass

Guy Clarke

Guy has been working with us and has been in the industry for the 3 years. He is a full on road rider, if you see Guy on a bike he will be the person over taken you.
Favourite Ride/Trail: Bobbin Head, Church Point

Peter Livingstone

Peter has been working in the bicycle industry for three years. He is competing Road Cycling at a pro level. His knowlege on cycling is huge and is excellent at given bike fits.
Favorite Ride / Trail: Mossman Hills, Akuna Bay

William Weapon Shaw

Will has been working with us and has been in the industry for the 4 years. All he wants to do is ride his bike. He also works for Flow Mountain Bike Magazine.
Favourite Ride/Trail: Itchy and Scratchy, Queenstown Hill

Alex Air

Alex is the most junior member of the squad. He has been working with BBF for the last year and is learning quickly. He is a fan of Sam Hill so is still riding flats, Alex may be young however his knowledge of bikes is huge due to him reading every articual on every bike website.
Favorite Ride/Trail: Manly Dam